For years I suffered from pain in my calf and hamstring muscles. I am eighty years old now and for the first time I tried acupuncture. I received immediate relief. I am very happy with the results.”
— Henry Haven, M.D.

First of all, I never believed in testimonials until it was my turn to give one. I suffered from severe anxiety for about 5 years without one day of peace. I had seen several psychiatrists who only masked my anxiety with medication and with time, they eventually stopped working for me. Ibecame housebound and was unable to phone friends without the use of sedatives. I lost total interest in everything that used to give me pleasure. I had become so obsessed with anxiety, I came to the realization that I would be living with this nightmare for the rest of my life. My husband phoned Dr. Sarrat, whom I was very skeptical of.

During my first visit, I was not aware of the needles at all and became extremely relaxed after he taught me how to use deep breathing.

After a number of visits, I was completely free of anxiety and given my normal life back. My only regret is I did not do this years ago!
— Jane Koustik

The pain in my spine from various injuries was literally driving me to drink. Desperation opened me up to “Alternative” healing – meaning ‘I’ll try something weird.’ A real skeptic.

Enter Dr. Sarrat and Acupuncture. My very first session solved my lower back pain from a fracture from 2 years ago, just gone. We then focused on my neck pain from falling down the stairs–twice. After 7 weeks and 17 sessions my neck pain is gone. Added benefits are: better sleep (all night now, booze is no longer required to sleep, so I can stay sober), the sessions themselves are almost meditative and relieve anxiety. Just knowing acupuncture will take away pain is a big relief that beings me peace.
— Bob Reed

I’m a firm believer in wellness living and preventive medicine. I have been having full-body, deep tissue massages since the mid 1980′s and chiropractic activator adjustments since the early 1990′s but, when I suffered from deep muscle pain in my left shoulder area, both methods could find & reach the problem but could not correct it.

Before I left my first appointment with Dr. Sarrat in 2009, the deep pain was gone. That night I was able to get a good night’s sleep in over 10 months! The next morning I was sore on top of the skin but still no pain. From this experience, I will ALWAYS try acupuncture first.

Recently, when I was going through mental anguish and emotional trauma, I mentioned it to Dr. Sarrat he knew exactly what steps he had to take and was able to ease my heart. I highly, highly recommend Access Acupuncture.
— Linda S.